Welcome to Bringing Hope

Bringing Hope is dedicated to ministering to women being trafficked inside of illegal massage businesses (IMBs).
Community members from all over the country are starting to have their eyes opened to the illicit spas or brothels that are hidden in plain sight in the midst of their neighborhoods and shopping plazas.  It has caused a righteous anger and desire to help the women enslaved on the inside.
After several conversations with law enforcement and much prayer, Bringing Hope began in central IL with a small group of women going into the spas in their area (8 total spas) and bringing gift bags and love to the women. 
The impact was immediate and the asian women who were stuck inside as slaves began to look forward to each time Bringing Hope would come and spend time with them. These women led the way for others to follow their initiative and begin Bringing Hope in their own towns.
Our mission is to bring hope to the women who have no hope inside of these spas.  We desire to open eyes to what’s happening, educate law enforcement, and be the hands and feet of Jesus to these women.  On occasion we also encounter buyers or traffickers and we will offer prayer to them, as well.
If you are interested in starting a Bringing Hope team in your area please join our private facebook group to learn more and to reach out to us for more information.