The Granny Program is named after the Granny in Open Blind Eyes who walked alongside Rachel in her healing journey after living years in the trafficking world.

Granny became Rachel’s support, her friend, and her mentor being someone that Rachel could trust and depend on. A new concept for Rachel at the time.

At Stop SIS we understand the benefit of each survivor having that lifelong support person to simply be there as they continue to walk their healing journey.

Therefore, we have created a Granny Program that pairs a survivor with a healthy woman to be a mentor and friend.

This is a program that receives ongoing support through Stop SIS as we train and prepare the Granny’s and continue with monthly check-ins and trainings for the Granny’s as they take part in the survivors journey.

It is a beautiful example of being the hands and feet of Jesus to others and a great way for survivors to receive ongoing support.

If would like to learn more about the Granny Program and how you can support a survivor, please email